Tazewell County

Tazewell County, Virginia, located in Southwest Virginia, is the eastern gateway to Virginia’s e-Region. The county is one of scenic beauty. It boasts mountains and rolling hills which stretch as far as the eyes can see. Small towns and communities not only appeal to those with a love of nature and the outdoors, but also appeals to businesses seeking cost effective business practices which are available due to quality infrastructure and abundant natural resources. The 500+ square miles of hillsides and valleys, streams and river, meadows and forests is home to a population of over 45,000 people.

The economy of Tazewell County is diversifying from the agricultural and mining industries which were historically prominent. It is currently developing a significant business and technology center known as “The Bluestone,” a 680 acre mixed-use development, which offers business and residential lots.

Tourism, particularly outdoor recreation, and the development of ATV trails, are also at the forefront of entrepreneurial opportunities. County officials are utilizing every available economic development tool to be business friendly and provide an excellent quality of life for its citizens.