November 1, 2015

Challenger Spotlight: Eva Beaule, Adventure Mendota

Adventure Mendota is located on the North Fork of the Holston River in Mendota, Virginia and offers a five river mile recreational unguided kayak experience. At Adventure Mendota, guests may rent a kayak and are provided a personal flotation device, launch assistance, pickup and shuttle, and parking at an affordable price. They also offer tubing on an approximate one mile stretch that offers tube, personal flotation device, launch assistance and an exit point where guests return on their own. According to business owner Eva Beaule, “We are committed to being a part of Southwest Virginia’s transition to a strong, sustainable ecotourism-based economy where our natural resources are prized and cared for while at the same time providing income opportunities.” Eva wishes for Adventure Mendota to be a revitalization seed for Mendota. Although Adventure Mendota did well their first year, Eva recognizes that their limitations are based on the number of transport vehicles and kayak trailers they have as well as an infrastructure issue. The Cup challenge could provide Adventure Mendota with the funding to purchase an additional transport vehicle and kayak trailer and a much needed additional bathroom. It could also help them provide more staff members—full time and part time. According to Eva, “We are also considering an additional product offering of an upriver launch for experienced kayakers owning their own watercraft who wish to fish and/or paddle down and navigate the rock dam.” Adventure Mendota has a promising future ahead of them and is definitely something for people to visit.