April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Diane Fuller, Honey Bea’s Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor

Honaker has changed a great deal since Diane’s Fuller’s mother, Beatrice owned and operated Fuller’s Café in the 1940’s.  And in pursuing her dream of opening Honey Bea’s Café and Ice Cream Parlor, Diane fulfills a legacy.

It’s a journey reflected in the photographs lining the walls of the restaurant, housed in the Fuller building in Honaker’s historic downtown district.  The Russell County community is undergoing a revitalization process through a Community Development Block Grant, and new vibrancy depends on businesses like this–and entrepreneurs like Diane.

“We want the restaurant to be a meeting place,” says Diane. “It will be a place that caters to residents, connecting them to the past, and which welcomes new visitors—like people headed to Breaks Interstate Park or coming across Big A Mountain on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.”

The restaurant, which held a grand opening on October 4, feels poised to fit that bill.  And there will be good food too. Honey Bea’s Café and Ice Cream Parlor is located next to the future heritage museum in Honaker’s compact downtown at 392 South Railroad Avenue.