April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Toni Warren, Warren Cleaning and Restoration

Toni Warren is the owner operator of Warren Cleaning and Restoration, which is a family-owned business located in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. At Warren Cleaning and Restoration, they have qualified professionals who can provide carpet cleaning as well as disaster restoration services for fire, water, smoke, and wind damage. According to Toni, “We use our personal touch and attention in order to be there for people in what can be an extremely stressful time.” Their main focus is quality, care, and customer satisfaction. Warren Cleaning and Restoration is a local business, which means that they are available at any time of the week for phone calls and will respond quickly to emergencies. Because it is a local business, more attention is spent to each customer. Toni says, “Our business model is always to provide exceptional service, and extra attention so that each client knows their emergency is our priority—and unlike larger franchises/corporations, they will not get lost in the shuffle and become just another job.” In order to expand their business, Toni says that she would like to provide more jobs to the local residents. These positions include a field technician, job supervisor, laborers, carpet cleaner, and office administrator. Another internal goal would be to create office space. Warren Cleaning and Restoration is currently sharing office space with family. Toni claims that having their own office space would allow better organization for their equipment. An external goal would be to host two annual events. One of these events would be for Warren’s vendors and their families and the other would be a summer cookout for the community. Participating in the Cup challenge was beneficial for Toni and her business because it taught her how to properly expand and hire/train new employees as well as expand her business knowledge.