January 21, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Terri Anne Funk, Clinch River Adventures

Terri Anne Funk feels fortunate to be able to pursue a business vision built upon something she always loved to do: float the Clinch River.  “Growing up in St. Paul, the river is just part of your life,” says Terri. “With Clinch River Adventures, we hope to share that experience—making it easier for residents and visitors to get out on The Clinch.”

Currently Clinch River Adventures offers tubing floats, and Terri hopes to expand into canoeing, kayaking and dependable shuttle services.  And her business is directly tied to St. Paul’s economic restructuring strategy and the regional Clinch River Valley Initiative strategies.

“I’m fortunate to have strong community support, and in turn, I’ve got community-building strategies in my business plan,” says Terri.  Because we’re located at a community park, we’re already using the park to provide free events such as outdoor movies and activities as a way to really make our business a part of the action.”

You can be part of the action by visiting the Clinch River Adventure’s website for information on upcoming events.