April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Terri Anne Funk, Clinch River Adventures

Clinch River Adventures is an outfitter located on the Clinch River located in St. Paul, Virginia. The Clinch River is the most bio-diverse river in the United States. At Clinch River Adventures, they offer everything from tubing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing kayaks, and guided float trips. Because the business is unique to such a bio-diverse area, many people are attracted to it. Just in 2014, Clinch River Adventures received visitors from 42 different states and 5 different countries. Owner/operator Terri Anne Funk uses her business for cross promotional purposes with the Spearhead Trail. She also uses Clinch River Adventures to promote the natural resources found in the Clinch River. In 2013, Clinch River Adventures was awarded 2nd place and $5,000 for the My Southwest Virginia Opportunity Entrepreneur Challenge. This helped them launch their business and turn $5,000 into roughly $22,000 in 2014. Now, they are ready for expansion. In order to expand, Terri wishes to implement guided float trips and guided fishing trips. She also visions to open Clinch River Campground that would offer campground spots, RV hookups, and ultimately cabins. An RV park is perhaps one of her biggest goals for the upcoming years. Because the St. Paul area lacks infrastructure, this would intrigue more people to visit the region as a whole. Currently, Clinch River Adventures is only a 12-month business, but Terri Anne has high hopes of making it a 12-month business with her 5-year plan which includes an RV park, winter tubing activities, and the ability to capitalize on any other markets that may become available. These expansions would include more job positions. Participating in the Cup challenge will be beneficial to Clinch River Adventure’s expansion. According to Terri Anne, “Clinch River Campground could be in full operation Spring 2016.”