April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Sonia and Jack Vanhook, J&N Tool and Supply

J&N Tool and Supply opened in May 2013. J&N Tool and Supply sells and delivers products (power tools, fasteners, safety equipment, epoxies) to commercial construction job sites. In addition, J&N Tool and Supply picks up broken tools, repairs them, and delivers them back to the job site. J&N Tool and Supply can service any business (arts and culture, outdoor recreation, agriculture or agritourism, restaurant and hospitality, technology or manufacturing) that is building or remodeling. Business owner Sonia Vanhook says that what is unique about this is that J&N Tool and Supply is the only company in the Washington County area that will drive a fully loaded truck to construction job sites and repair tools. Some of the tools her husband Jack carries on his service truck include: power tools, battery tools, electrics, air tools, fasteners, anchors, screws, safety equipment, and epoxy tools. Businesses are able to purchase these tools directly from the truck at a fair and reasonable price. Before entering the job site, Jack takes into consideration what type of tools the particular project will need at that given time and has them ready for his customers. Jack is also certified to offer safety courses on the job site. Sonia claims that if her company had more funding, they would have the ability to hire additional employees. A high need for J&N Tool and Supply is to hire a full-time sales associate. Participating in the Cup challenge could help J&N Tool and Supply by providing the necessary funding to hire potential employees and expand the business. According to Sonia, “Expansion of the business would be possible by putting another salesman with a truck in a different area.” At this time, J&N Tool and Supply is working hard to provide local job sites with the necessary attention and care for their tools.