April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Nicole Dyer, White Birch Juice

According to Nicole Dyer, her juice and smoothie bar is the “first and only one in the region making fresh and whole pressed juice and fresh fruit and fresh vegetable smoothies.” Because there are none like it in the region, Nicole focuses on providing fruits and vegetables in a convenient way. These beverages are nutrient packed, and they are either locally grown or being created by White Birch itself. White Birch Juice provides an unmatchable product for the region because it is one of a kind. Nicole says, “White Birch makes fresh, cold-pressed juices & smoothies from only fruits and vegetables.” Additional products that can be found at White Birch Juice are ginger shots, health tonics, hand-pressed almond milks, and various other health related fresh beverages.

Nicole hopes to extend her business to two new locations—in Abingdon, VA and Damascus, VA. The new locations in Abingdon and Damascus will potentially employ 6 more people. With this new addition, she hopes to expand her “tonic” product line. This “will allow the business to move past raw juice laws, into a pasteurized, wholesale-ready market.” Nicole believes that the location extension and the expansion of the “tonic” product line will “give us product diversity that has a direct impact on health in the region and will be more easily accessible to customers.” Participating in the Cup challenge and receiving funding would help White Birch Juice open a primary branch and production facility. This will be beneficial to supplying customers’ needs. Funding will also help Nicole expand the small rural juice bars and ultimately provide access to fresh juice in smaller communities. According to Nicole, “This growth will assist in expansion of the White Birch garden along with more “juice and a healthy lifestyle” related workshops.”