April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Nathan Ormes, Cliffhanger Ranch & Adventure Outpost

The Cliffhanger Ranch & Adventure Outpost business is located in Coeburn, Virginia and is owned by Nathan Ormes. Earlier this year, Nathan participated in the Wise and City of Norton Business Challenge and won 1st place with a prize of $5,000. According to Nathan, “Cliffhanger Ranch & Adventure Outpost LLC goals are to generate participation in the outdoor possibilities available to an increasingly busy society in both spiritual and physical relationships to nature.” The services of Cliffhanger Ranch & Adventure Outpost take place in the surrounding wilderness and recreational environment. The outdoor activities will ultimately range from biking, horseback riding, guided hikes, and canoeing. In the future, Nathan plans on offering zip lining, seasonal activities, nature-based workshops, a family museum, and unique lodging experiences. There will also be supporting retail products. These products will include horse tack, camping gear, souvenirs, and food/beverages. Guided services will also be available once the demand rises. A future educational and ministerial opportunity Nathan hopes to create is called “Cowboy Church,” which is a ministry that allows customers to participate while enjoying music and other worship activities. Currently, Nathan has incorporated weekend events for the public to enjoy that include campouts, horseback riding, and other themed events. Nathan’s business at Cliffhanger Ranch & Adventure Outpost is essential for the region because there is little opportunity to have both lodging and rental or guide services all in one place. Nathan hopes to hire 12 employees that would include both full time positions and part time. At this time, only needed staff will be hired based on requirements for expansion. Participating in the Cup challenge has helped Nathan with educational training, as well as funding if his business places in the challenge. His long-term goal is to have a small Western-like town with hotels and opportunities for visitors to experience cowboy culture.