April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Mark and Carol Caruso, Pathfinders Outdoor Adventures

Mark and Carol Caruso believe that Southwest Virginia is poised for big things. The Norton couple owns Pathfinders Outdoor Adventures, a part time business providing firearms training and equipment.  “With our region’s incredible vistas, great fishing and hunting, and easy access to the outdoors, there’s great opportunity here,” says Mark.

The couple is working to expand their business from part time to full, and from firearms training and sales center to a one-stop shop for the region’s outdoor recreational needs.Included in the growth plan are customized land navigation and guided tours, sales of orienteering equipment and training, wilderness survival courses, and bike and kayak rentals.

The Carusos are connected to the region’s outdoors strategy, and they plan to participate in existing events and work with organizations and governments in the development of new magnet events to increase awareness of the region as an outdoor destination.

“It’s really a coordinated approach,” says Carol, “and it relies on partnership. We won’t have to provide everything ourselves, but we can work with other businesses, guides and communities to connect our visitors with the adventures they are seeking.  And growing the business: that will be our own adventure.”