April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Joseph Bates, Bates Family Farm

Visit a Farmers’ Market in far Southwest Virginia, and there’s a chance you might meet Joseph Bates, or some of his family who helps out on Bates Family Farm, a start-up family business in its first year of operation.

The entrepreneur is busy providing fresh eggs, dairy, and produce in season. “We want to provide everything for the kitchen table, if we can,” says Joe. “But the season doesn’t span the whole year, and our business needs to.”

So Bates has developed a line of goat soaps and lotions using by products of the operation and is continuing to experiment with new product lines. “It’s driven by customer demand.” Expansion goals for Bates Family Farm include the purchase of property and expand into a large goat dairy and eventually establish national distribution for our goats milk based skin care products.

“Our region has a lot to offer,” says Joe. “And in growing a business, I want to provide some quality jobs and help to make it an even better place. There’s no reason we can’t do this.”