April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Jennifer Bailey, Sugar Hill Brewing Company

Sugar Hill Brewing Company is located in St. Paul, Virginia and is housed in one building along with two other businesses that are all owned by Jennifer Bailey. The other two include Bailey Hardware and Saint Paul Suites and Cottages. According to Jennifer, “Sugar Hill Brewing Company is a planned microbrewery and full service restaurant.” This brewing company was thought of because of the lack of craft beer in the area. There are currently no other brewery/restaurant combinations in a seven county region designated as the Heart of Appalachia. Additionally, this will be the first microbrewery in Wise or Russell County, Virginia. Opening up a microbrewery and restaurant in St. Paul will accommodate both locals and visitors because craft beer appeals to many adults. Because of this, according to Jennifer, their vision is “to present fresh food and fresh beer with upbeat attitudes and excellent service.” At the brewery, local musical talent will be showcased weekly. Expansion on the brewery side would be to hire two employees, and restaurant expansion would include cooks, waitresses, and other crew members. Along with new employees, expansion for the brewery would include a lounge area with a pool table, foosball table, or other entertainment options. Sugar Hill Brewing Company has already begun expanding. A loan and other finances have been approved, equipment has been ordered, they have permits to sell alcohol, a first draft menu has been implemented, and the initial layout of the brewery and restaurant has been established. Some things that still need worked on are construction, equipment installation, finalized menu, operating manuals, and the hiring process needs to begin. Participating in the Cup challenge would help aid in expansion and help Jennifer choose the best option to expand.