January 21, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Jeffery Perry, Perry’s Energy Audit

Technology changes bring entrepreneurial opportunities, and Jeffery Perry is developing a business to help homeowners use technolgy to increase effiency and reduce costs.  “By performing a blower test,” says Perry, “our business, Perry’s Energy Audit, will help customers identify opportunities to reduce energy use and increase savings.”

With substantial construction and home rehabilitation experience of Perry and business manager Leslie Mullins, the team carries the confidence of understanding houses, and will be prepared to expand into small construction projects as demand for the service and home efficiency grows.

“We feel that this is a forward looking approach, says Mullins.  “”The ‘greenest’ homes are those already built; there are things we can do to increase their efficiency. We’re always going to be learning and growing our skills, because materials technology and best practices will continue to improve.”  That emphasis on constant improvement will benefit them no matter what business options they explore.

“We know that what we do requires a high level of trust,” says Perry. ” People will be inviting us into their homes.  They will expect a professional business and quality service–it’s the foundation of our business plan.”