January 21, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: Jack Flanary, North 40 Airsoft

Jack Flanary understands the importance of connecting people in a community. His business, run with Alma Underwood Flanary, depends upon a network of competitive and team oriented people. “If we can provide a quality experience and facilitate the network of people who enjoy it, our business will succeed,” says Jack. The business, North 40 Airsoft, centers around a 10-acre field on which every other week combat scenarios are run for teams equipped with tactical gear and guns that shoot soft bullets. Game scenarios include Search and Rescue mission, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, VIP escort, historical military battles, and scenarios based on popular video games. Expansion growth targets include the development of additional structures on the field, a retail pro-shop, and potential cooperative arrangements with other landowners. “And underpinning it all,” says Jack, “is the growing network of families, individuals, and teams who enjoy this very active sport.”