April 19, 2017

Challenger Spotlight: David McLeish, Dreamland Alpacas

“Nestled in the mountains of the outskirts in Abingdon in Meadowview, VA is our little piece of heaven that we share with approximately sixty alpacas,” says operator of Dreamland Alpacas David McLeish. Currently, people are able to visit Dreamland Alpacas in order to appreciate the fibers that are created from the alpacas as well as to simply visit and admire the alpacas. To help aid in keeping up with Dreamland Alpacas, David has been working with several organizations within the Washington County community. David believes in customer satisfaction within his business. He is devoted to teaching his customers about the alpacas and fibers even after they have made their purchase. His business offers its customers boarding, breeding, and mentoring. Any questions that a customer has after they have made their purchase will be answered. “We are full time alpaca breeders,” says David, “who think customer service should come first both before and after the sale.

In order to expand his business, David aspires to install a multi-purpose building at Dreamland Alpacas. Not only will this building be a place to process the fibers into finished products, but it will also be used for future classes for the community as well as local schools. David hopes that these classes will also inspire field trips from local schools and organizations. These field trips will be free of charge. His plans of expansion will help benefit the local communities.  David participated in the Washington County Business Challenge 2014 and placed third. This challenge helped David with his marketing skills, financial planning, as well as expanded his contacts. When asked what he hopes to gain from the Cup challenge, David said, “We hope to gain added business knowledge from the classes offered as well as new contact that may assist us in the future.”